Curriculum Enrichment Days : World War One theme

Hi everyone

What a great time we have been having over the past two days!  Our students have been involved in exploring the impact of war on women through fashion, facial disfigurement, life in the trenches and the impact of chlorine gas attacks.  This surely has to be the best one yet!

Some Year 6 Primary students and yourselves as parents will be able to see the culmination of their work later on today.  I know you will be blown away.  I will put the pictures on the blog as soon as I am able.

I am going to place the Lower School Booklet and Summer School Booklet on the blog so you are able to dip in and out electronically.

More soon.

Janet Emmanuel 

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Big on Behaviour

Hi everyone

As you all know behaviour is a big priority and currently we are driving through ‘BoB’, Big on Behaviour in time for it to be embedded in September.  One of the features of Bob is the corridor song which enables students to remember to walk on the left, be quiet when walking around the school, being respectful to one another and the No see, No hear mobile phone rule.  I have put the song and actions under Pastoral and just in case you want to sing along yourself, the tune is from Village People Go west.

Happy singing!

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Welcome to our new parents

Hi everyone,

Here I am again welcoming another set of students and parents to our Sydenham Family.  I am in the process of updating all the information for another year and to give you some news about what’s on the horizon for the future.

I have posted a new tutor group list for 7 and 8 for the year 2014-15 which I have placed under the personnel tab.  I have also put details of the Summer School (both letter and flyer) under the Letters.  Under the tab of Pastoral I have put some pictures of uniform, What to wear and what not to wear, this is in response from parents who wanted some clear visual guidance.

As part of our new ethos and culture of the school we are becoming a Rights Respecting School.  This means that our values will be explicitly linked to the articles of the United Nations Conventions of the rights of the Child.  Every member of our school community will be involved in this and the first step is to create a Steering group encompassing all the stakeholders in the school.  I will also post more information about this.

I have already provided the new Year 6 with a Summer Induction Booklet and the Lower School summer Booklet for Year 7 and 8 is currently being processed.

As I add more things I will let you know.

Warm regards

Janet Emmanuel

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Autumn 2 2013

Hi everyone

We had a busy last term and this term is proving to be the same.  Great to see many of you at Parents as Learners and Year 8 Parents evening.  Next week, 19 November, is the Year 7 Curriculum Showcase, where you can get another snapshot of what your daughters have been doing since their arrival.  December 4th is when you can meet your daughter’s subject teachers to discuss her progress in more detail.   In response to comments at Year 8 parents evening I have placed an English curriculum map for year 7 and 8 and an overview of what your daughters will be doing in Maths.  There is also information on the password for My Maths and some websites.  This is all located under the curriculum tag.  Email me if you want to see anything else, I will try to oblige.  My blog server is working well currently so I should be able to keep up with requests regularly.

Speak to you soon

Janet Emmanuel

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Please find attached new Activities Schedule for Autumn.

I have also put on a list of year 7 and 8 teachers for your information.

Janet Emmanuel

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Revision Update

Hi there

At last back on the blog!

You should have all received the letter outlining the details regarding the end of year assessments.  However, I have placed it under parental letters.  I have also put all the different resources mentioned in the letter such as English mark scheme, the science topics and blank revision timetable. 

I hope you find it all useful.  If there is anything else please contact me.

Janet Emmanuel

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We are Listening

Dear Parent/Carer

Please help us to provide you with the best educational provision we can by taking time to answer the following questions.

Thank you.

Ms Emmanuel

Head of Lower School

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